Phitsanulok-Sukhothai-The orchestra that played my tune

Sa Wa Dee Ka! (I love saying hello/goodmorning in Thai)
After visiting the Elephant Hospital in Lampang, I jumped on a bus the next morning and heading to either Sukhothai or Phitsanulok I wasnt exactly sure but both were ahead in the distance. It was a long, but surprisingly comfortable bus ride, watching the countryside pass by. The rice fields, the villages, the farmers, the clouds, sometimes I found it looked very similar to home everything was so green (thanks to the rainy season….even though Thailand is in a drought). Other times it looked nothing like home, the occasional giant Buddha hidden in the trees, or temple perched up on the hill. I decided to stay in Phitsanulok for when I departure it is closer to Ayuthaya. I found a room at a hostel, dropped my stuff and began walking. This town was smaller, fairly busy and minimal tourists-which means minimal english. I ate the best Papaya Salad I have had thus far at the market by the Train Station that occurs every evening. I walked the river to find tons of little out door restraunts with seating right on the river. All of the menu’s were in Thai and I had just eaten therefore I continued walking. Something I noticed for the first time was lots of people out running, the river had this perfect path along it that everyone seemed to run (kind of like Capital Lake back home). I had begun to really beat myself up for not exercising regularly while traveling. I have managed to put back on some of the weight that I worked really hard to get off before I left. Watching these runners really touched me (odd I know) it made me miss running, miss my workouts with my friends, this heat and humidity is so wearing just walking in it I cant imagine trying to do a full work out. But my head often comes up with excuses. I walked the entire route everyone ran and really enjoyed it while the sun set. At the end on the other side of the river there is outdoor foot massages everywhere, I also saw a street sign that said “Healthy Street.” I loved the whole concept of this! And was inspired to find a way to get exercising incorporated into my travels. I am so hard on myself, and get so frustrated with how easily and quickly I put on weight even when carrying a 12k backpack and walking in 100 degree weather. Seeing that people here put the effort in even in the heat inspired me (though…I havent ran yet…)
Something I am working towards on this trip is learning to live without a clutch, without filling a void with something (food,coffee,nicotine, people, gum, SUGAR!, whatever). Obviously from the weight gain, and me being honest with myself I am not their yet. I find myself over eating, even fruits, whatever, because I am bored, and I dont want to be alone. And then I feel like shit. Followed with beating myself up about it, “Your in Thailand” “Your doing the same thing you did backhome” and so forth. I am working towards changing this behavior. It is hard, but food cannot fill a void just like drugs cant, or a person cant. Deepening my connection, allowing light to constantly flow in, will illuminate the dark spots inside, producing health, happiness, wellness. It is a journey, I will get there.

Young Boys playing Soccer at the train station in Phitsanulok.

The Mae Nam Nan 

I visited Sukhothai which is about an hour away by bus. I met two lovely french women on the bus that day that I ended up cycling Sukhothai with. Sukhothai is a city filled with ancient ruins, it is beautiful. Stunning. We spent the day talking in English, French, and Thai. We ate Sukhothai noodles for lunch (they werent super exciting) and continued to cycle to ruins. It was relaxing, and gorgeous. The Energy I felt at these particular temple ruins was unlike anything I had experienced. At times I would walk onto certain sites and feel what I could only describe as a lightness overcome me, (the opposite of heavy). Othertimes I would assume one of my friends was behind me observiing and gazing at the beauty because I would feel the presents of someone only to turn around, and nobody was there, at all. It was creepy, or scary, nor did it feel haunting in anyway. It was just different. I could sit and meditate for a small amount of time and find my mind completely silent and focused which I have never experienced before. I prayed a lot to each Buddha because I was feeling a lot of internal pain with self acceptance. The ruins were massive, the energy was brilliant. This place was where I was supposed to be. My harmony felt aligned here, the instruments of an orchestra must be exactly attuned if the music is to be harmonious and perfect, this place was like an orchestra for me and the energy was the instruments.

Sukhothai Historical Park

Another Side of it

The luck of the Buddha
My half lotus needs work. 



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