New country. new scene, hello Gili Air

I flew to Indonesia on the 30th of July, and there began my adventure of beautiful beaches, and lots of sunshine. I headed straight to the Gili Islands- Gili Air to be exact. I took a fast boat that was really not that safe- but did the job and got me to a beautiful paradise island. As I found my hostel- it was to my surprise I had booked a tent to sleep in, not a bamboo dorm as hostelworld had described. I met the owner who was incredibly nice and I felt stupid for saying to him…” I really booked a tent?” He replied “do you have a problem with sleeping in a tent- its not that bad” I decided no, I can totally sleep in a tent I love camping and it isnt like I am spending much time there anyways. Really just to sleep and store my stuff. I encountered another disappointment that first evening on Gili Air. I checked in to my hostel and scurried to the beach because I was hot, and ready for an early evening swim. I arrived at the beach, and was in utter disappointment. The tide was far out and swimming was not going to happen, I walked along the beach around the entire island hoping to find a swimming hole. I sat down for dinner and began writing in my journal. As I reflect back on my writing, I beat myself up pretty bad when I have expectations. I struggle to let go, and just be in the moment. Nothing is ever going to be exactly as I think it should be.

             I ended up extending my stay at this hostel from 3 nights to 7. I found grasshoppers, crickets, spiders, nats, mosqitos and what have you in the tent and just shoo’d them out like it was no big deal. And to many it wouldnt be, but for me thinking about sleeping where bugs are crawling makes my skin crawl- but I did it anyways. For 7 days. Sleeping in a tent also meant no wifi and no plug in’s for my electronics. Here began the change once again- and a pretty drastic change. My phone and wifi can be pretty comforting and distracting. I managed to adapt pretty quickly and enjoyed it. Not waking up and checking facebook while still in bed was nice. Hanging out at the charging station enforced conversations with other travelers which was also nice. I met a group of volunteer english teachers that were teaching on Bali and had come to the Gili’s for the weekend. We spent the next few days together snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. I connected with a few of the girls and have now stayed in contact with them since seperating. I continue to fall in love with the new people I meet and become friends with. We share similar thoughts, aspirations, goals, and dreams. Saying goodbye becomes easier because you know its not goodbye- it’s an opportunity to say hello again someday.

     I think I have written this before, and probably will again. I am getting used to meeting people and before I know it saying goodbye. It is a part of traveling but you begin to wonder why? Why am I meeting this person- only to have to let go so quick? Is it the lesson of embracing the moment, enjoying the company for what it is and then allowing it to leave- one of the teachings of Buddhism that continues to come up for me. Attatchement can lead to suffering, so maybe these brief encounters are teaching us how to love the moment, stay in the moment with each other- appreciate that moment & allow it to slowly dissapate as quickly as it appeared. With out pain & regret, and maintaining hope that a reunion , a new connection will come again. Am I meeting little pieces, and different versions of myself? Does the energies of our soul bring us together from opposite sides of the world? If nothing else, the human connection- even for a short time- reminds me we are all one.

We have the sun, the moon, and the world between our fingers, and in a snap we sparkle like the stars.

Blissful yours,
Alicia Rose


One thought on “New country. new scene, hello Gili Air

  1. Very sweet and personal post! It was nice to read a little about Gili Air and see photos. I went to Gili Trawangan a few years back and absolutely loved it.


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