The Liebster Award



The Liebster Award is a set of questions given to new and upcoming bloggers by fellow bloggers. Each nominee answers the questions and in return comes up with their own set of questions and continues by nominating other bloggers. It is a way to connect bloggers and build an audience. I was nominated with a big thanks by Svenja at Travel-Blog-Repeat.


1. When did you decide to start blogging and why?

⊙ I created my blog for family and friends to follow my travels back in July when I flew to SEA with a one way ticket!

2. Do you have any favorite places you keep returning to?

⊙ Anywhere I can put my toes in the sand, dance in the waves, swim in the rain, and bask in the sun. (so no nothing specific yet)


3. Have you ever drastically changed a trip, e.g. cancelled your return flight and stayed, booked a  flight leaving the very next day immediately after arrival, drove past your destination because you sudddenly changed your mind, …?

⊙ Well I came to Thailand with a one way ticket and no plans, and now I am currently living and working in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I also flew to Kuta, Bali and left in less than 24 hours because well I knew I just couldn’t stay, I took a fast boat to the Gili’s. I travel with no plans idealy, so anything can and does happen.

4. Do you usually travel solo or with someone else?

⊙ This is my first solo journey, but I have also never really traveled like this before. Everything was with friends or family. I never dreamed of being a solo traveler.

5. Carry- on only or with checked luggage?

⊙ Carry on


6. What is your favorite kind of accomodation hotel, hostel, bed & breakfast etc..?

⊙ Hostel/ Bungalow

7. How do you stay fit while traveling?

⊙ That’s a depressing question haha because well I didn’t. I gained about 8 kilos since I left the states. But now I currently workout at Crossfit Chiang Mai and love it. I also do some yoga in my room, I would like to dive back into yoga, not only for fitness but stress management.


8. What do you enjoy besides traveling and blogging?

⊙ Watching the stars, chasing the moon, hiking, swimming, anything outdoors, playing soccer, running, learning, reading, writing, painting, music, dancing, spending time with my nieces, being in recovery, laughing most of all.

9. What is your favorite book and why?

⊙ Yikes that’s tough! Harry Potter series, Living Clean, The Alchemist, Where the Red Fern Grows, Serendipity. I like books that escape me from life, but I also like books that educate me. I like reading stories of growth, change, courage, overcoming challenges, but I also like to get lost in love and adventures.

10. Cats or Dogs?

⊙ Dogs, I am allergic to cats but not apposed I wouldn’t mind having a quiet simple companion. I don’t like pet hair though.

11. Anything else you would like to share with your readers?

⊙  I am an open book, I tend to blog with rawness and my heart. I don’t hide much from anyone with the hopes that someone might read it and benefit in some way. My blog isn’t the most helpful with directions or suggestions on what to do or where to stay. Its my experience, strength, and hope. The greatest plan I ever had was not to have a plan– It is why I am where I am today, doing what I am doing.


1. Have you always dreamed of traveling?
2. Most memorable advice you have received on the road?
3. What lead to you deciding to travel?
4. Favorite hometown hide-out? (Place in your hometown you visit or have memories at)
5. Biggest influencer in your life?
6. What do you miss most when your traveling?
7. Have you ever laughed until you pee’d?
8. What gives you butterflies?
9. What is something you could never travel without?
10. One piece of advice for someone heading out to explore the world for the first time?
11. Hardest moment you have had while abroad?


1. Accept the nomination and answer the questions of the blogger who nominated you.
2. Think of 11 new questions yourself.
3. Nominate bloggers you would like to answer your questions.
4. They write an article about this nomination on their blog and link back to the website of their nominator.
5. Please remember to tag your nominator again when you share your article on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so they can read your Liebster Award blog post.


1. Leah at Little Travel Bird
2. Lottie from Princess in a Caravan
3. Jake and Danielle from Snaps, Scribbles and Suit Cases
4. Janna from Janna on a Jaunt
5. Lucy from Lucy’s Cities

Blissfully Yours,
Alicia Rose


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