About Me

Hello my names Alicia, and I am an addict.

I am a 25 year old Washingtonian and this statement is how I have identified myself in 12-step meetings the last 4 years. I have a story of addiction that many thousands can relate to in some aspect. I spent years filling the void within with outside sources. I found recovery and I found a new life.

5 Months ago (July 2015) I boarded a plane with a one-way ticket to Thailand. The goal? Find myself (cliché I know) or maybe it is to discover there is no “real me.” Instead, gain a new perspective and begin to grasp the concept that we are all connected. We are all made of water, earth, fire and wind. Elements living together in the ecosystem of life. Living, breathing, flowing, loving elements just learning to bond in Bliss.

I boarded that plane with a 40-liter backpack and a one way ticket with no end in sight. Inspired by many other solo-female travelers, lots of studying on pinterests and blogs I prepared myself the best I could. And I am still here!

I turned 25 years young in Pai, Thailand and I am 4 years clean. Before making the leap of traveling I lived in my hometown; Olympia, WA. I was a student as well as a full-time CDPT counselor at an outpatient.

I had my entire life planned and was prepping for the “American Dream” whatever that is. I almost blew my mind when I made the decision to leave everything and travel. I was walking away from everything I had worked incredibly hard for over the last 3.5 years. And trading it all in for a backpack, squat toilets, shared rooms, and food carts. But oh so much more than that. I was trading it in for a life of adventure, waking up in different cities, laying on different beaches, swimming in different oceans, speaking different languages. Never knowing what the day was going to lead me to when I awoke. The plan? To not have a plan. My dear aunt said to me “Please tell me you have a backup plan!” well now how could I have a backup plan, if I didn’t have a plan in the first place?

I had faith. I had trust in MY god, trust in the universe to guide me where I needed to go. To keep me safe. I truly believed that the universe would not have led me to this decision, only to find me in harm’s way. The key for me? As long as I don’t get loaded, and apply what recovery has taught me I can get through anything.

Within my first week of being in Chiang Mai back in July I was referred to an inpatient facility for a possible opportunity to work. I had no desire to get a job as I had just quit my job. But I believe that when opportunities present themselves the reason may not be clear, but it is there somewhere. I enquired, but continued traveling. Five months later, and two countries later. (3 short of the plan without a plan) and I am here, living and working in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Apparently this is what the universe had planned and I am right on board with it.

Today I am continuing to write my story of recovery. I don’t know everything about traveling, nor do I know everything about recovery. What I have is my experience, my strength, and my hope to share and hopefully inspire others to follow their hearts. Chase their dreams. While wandering the world in Bliss.

This blog is for those seeking inspiration and motivation to follow their dreams whatever they consist of. For anyone in recovery, or in need of recovery to see and hear that anything is possible. Life is not dull or plain. The world has so much to offer and so much to teach us. This is also for travelers, or those wanting to travel but just don’t know how or when to take the leap. This is for anyone, anywhere to collaborate, share thoughts, ideas, ask questions, get connected.

Blissfully Yours,

Alicia Rose


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